Wild Transformations
Psychotherapy for Individuals Inspiring Transformations Worth Braving
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My career in mental health and diversity began in 2008. I have worked across community mental health centers, a GLBT Center, and Addiction and Recovery programs before establishing Wild Transformations. I have also been honored to work as a camp counselor with adolescents of Native American descent through Upward Bound in North Dakota as well as have a huge passion for collaborating with Heritage Camps who serve adopted people of all ages to support adoptive families in honoring each person and family’s cultural heritage!

At Wild Transformations diversity is celebrated and various aspects of identity explored to help you live authentically and feel whole and inspired! My own experience of living abroad, culture shock, and having lived in different regions of the U.S. combined with a lifelong curiosity of what makes us each unique, yet also similar in our need for love and belonging led me to attain a Masters in Multicultural Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In therapy I consider your gender, sexuality, age, socioeconomic background, and other aspects of your background to highlight your values so that you can access your strengths and sense of power in order to gain a deeper sense of ease, emotional wellness, and feel inspired about life again!

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself." ~Anna Quindlen

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  • Masters in Multicultural Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Bachelors in French Studies and Psychology 


  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Facilitation

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • License in Addiction Counseling-Expected August 2019

Mission Statement

Compassionate ~ Trauma-Informed ~Culturally Responsive

Encouraging adults and adolescents to reconnect to their deepest values to feel excited and confident about life again and to nurture the relationships that mean the most.

The Vision

At Wild Transformations it is understood that people succeed in making brave changes all the time! When a person’s desire for an even better life is combined with reminders of their “why”, a network of supportive people, and additional tools, a deeper sense of satisfaction becomes not only possible, but probable. Wild Transformations is here to remind individuals of their strengths, as well as offer feedback so they can feel more empowered and more deeply connected to each other.

"We do not have to become heroes overnight." ~Eleanor Roosevelt